Branded Social
Bandwidth: (Noun) Having spare time between projects.
At Vayner, whenever you have some spare time (aka bandwidth) between projects you get to work on some other brands in the agency. It’s a nice break from your day-to-day work and lets you flex your creative muscles. Below are a few additional projects I worked on while at VaynerMedia.
Dove Women Love Your Hair
Get non-Dove users to reappraise Dove hair by showing her that hair should be a source of confidence that pushes her forward (and never holds her back).
Vaseline Healing Project
From the aid efforts being done in the field of Vaseline’s Direct Relief missions to the products our target consumer uses at home, Vaseline truly helps heal dry skin.
Vaseline’s ordinary products are making an extraordinary difference worldwide.
Dove Men+Care Stronger More Resilient Hair
The ask? Get men 30-45, who use their own shampoo, to switch to Dove Men+Care Hair by convincing them that Dove Men+Care makes hair stronger.
Chase QuickPay with Zelle Holiday
'Tis the season to celebrate Chase QuickPay with Zelle. Meme cut downs of Chase's holiday spot optimized for social.
Revlon Colorstay Canvas
Entice users to come behind-the-scenes with Ciara to get her secret for a long-lasting eye look.
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